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Save on Refurbished Dialysis Machines

Refurbished Water Systems

AmeriWater System

The AmeriWater reverse osmosis system is not just another RO. Attractive cabinet style systems come equipped with optional on-board carbon and anti-scalant pre-treatment eliminating the need for additional pre-treatment. This system is extremely quiet, with a controller that offers many features, including an on-board disinfection cycle with the simple push of a button. A variety of models available based on your need for output (gallons per day) and quality. FDA and ISO licensed for use in dialysis.


AquaBoss EcoRO Dia 70 System

The Aquaboss ® EcoRO Dia 70 system offers to the user, maximum operating convenience with the smallest possible exterior dimensions and optimum quietness.


Better Water Medi-Port P.B. II System

This feature-packed, user-friendly and easily-servicable R.O. unit is amazingly quiet (approximately 55 decibels). This makes the Medi-Port P.B. II a great choice for acute hemodialysis.


Mar Cor 700 Series System

The 700 Series dialysis reverse osmosis system provides increased water production capacity, standard monitoring controls, and a built-in caster system for easy relocation. These portable RO’s have a proven record of being dependable while producing consistent, high purity water quality. Pretreatment accessories can be added on making it a complete water system device.


Mar Cor Millenium System

The Millenium is the leading portable reverse osmosis water treatment system for acute and home hemodialysis treatment in the U.S. It features a lightweight, space efficient design; quiet operation; digital readouts and alarms; full diagnostic capabilities; and user-friendly connection ports. Several carts and docking stations with various pretreatment options make this a truly compact and complete water solution on wheels.