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Computer ready Renatron® II 100 Series Dialyzer Reprocessing Station with Selectable Programs (for Standard, High Efficiency and High Flux Dialyzers). Station includes drip tray and inlet pressure gauge.

Product Description

Meets your Growing Needs - The only fully computer integrated dialyzer reprocessing system that truly grows with your facility, the Renatron II station can be easily converted into a computerized system and can accommodate additional stations.

Effective - It cleans, rinses, and tests membrane integrity and blood compartment volume before filling your dialyzer with sterilant. It also includes a pre-clean cycle for hard-to-clean dialyzers.

Efficient - Automated reprocessing saves your staff valuable time and labor. Each Renatron II station is built to accommodate all your dialyzers including conventional, high-efficiency, and high-flux. Each station also features drip trays to catch spills and keep your reprocessing room clean.

Product Features
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