Refurbished Dialysis Machines

Listed below are some of the kidney dialysis machines used for hemodialysis patients around the world that Wil-Med Global offers. We refurbish units from B.Braun, Fresenius (2008h & 2008k), Gambro, Renatron, and Zyzatech.  Each dialysis machine is fully reconditioned from the ground up.

Refurbished B.Braun Dialog Dialysis Machine from Wil-Med Global B.Braun Dialog+ Hemodialysis System

  • Kt/V Real-time monitoring
  • Treatment Profiling Capability
  • Event Timers

The Dialog+ Hemodialysis System’s unique technical design is known for its state-of-the-art technology with its innovative use of icons on a color touch screen, a rotating flat screen for easy handling and viewing from all angles. Technical Service Mode (TSM), online Trending Graphs and Technical Data to support the operator and technician with real-time information and historic information on treatment parameters. The Dialog+ Evolution continues to build on that innovative technological platform for treatment efficiency, patient comfort, preventative maintenance and cost effectiveness.

  • Reduction of noise
  • Integrated heat exchanger 
  • Reduced disinfection times
  • Flow Block Technology
  • Stand by Mode

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Fresenius 2008-H Refurbished Dialysis Machine from Wil-Med Global Fresenius 2008-H Dialysis Machine

  • The Fresenius 2008h dialysis machine continues to utilize the advances in technology to ensure that its capabilities are unmatched by any other dialysis system.
  • Unique on-line Quality Assessment options include: On-line Kinetic Assessment, On-line Patient Hypotension Management, On-line Dialysate Management, On-line Remote Service Diagnostics and On-line Treatment Records Management.
  • Advanced options are: Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System, FDS08 Treatment Record System and digital Heparin Pump
  • Integrated Monitor allows for easy viewing and setting of the operational parameters and can be displayed on remote PC through RS 232 interface for immediate assessment of parameters and troubleshooting.
  • Basic features include: Volumetric Ultrafiltration, Volumetric Proportioning, Heat Disinfect, Variable Dialysate Flow and Sodium Modeling.

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Fresenius 2008-K Refurbished Dialysis Machine from Wil-Med Global Fresenius 2008-K Dialysis Machine

  • The Fresenius 2008k dialysis machine offers operator control through interactive
    touch screen on video monitor. Screens are arranged in convenient folders, with clearly-labeled tabs for easy navigation.
  • OLC Monitor offers a visual assessment of the adequacy of the treatment provided, and user is alerted when the adequacy goal drops below target.
  • Integrity of the system is maintained by the exclusive DIASAFE filter. No more manual filter tests are required.
  • Self-Loading blood pump
  • Push button control for the arterial drip chamber level
  • Options:
    • Blood Volume Monitor Control with Ultrasonic Precision.
    • Blood Temperature Monitor (BTM)
    • Blood Volume Monitor (BVM)
    • Cardiovascular Stability with Thermal Control.
    • Battery backup operation
    • Second Blood Pump for Single Needle CRRT/SLED

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Gambro Phoenix Refurbished Dialysis Machine from Wil-Med Global Gambro Phoenix

  • Arterial and venous pressure monitoring
  • Color touch screen
  • Diascan Monitoring System
  • Compensated Blood Flow
  • UF and sodium profiling
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • BiCart cartridge holder
  • Diaclear ultrafilter holder
  • Central concentrate connection
  • pH probe
  • Ethernet port standard

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